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The Diamond Ball

The Diamond Ball

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I could tell you a great story....Camille is a self made Boss in her own right. She’s in her late twenty’s and already owns a car and condo on the outskirts of New York City. She’s building her multi million dollar empire, conquering the Auto Body shop industry. In the process of her genuine parts and body shop opening right on the city’s busiest street, which is projected to gross over 3.4 million the first year. She meets the perfect gentleman, Jacob. Jacob is the perfect catch, from the looks to the lifestyle. With multiple businesses and investments, he’s worth millions. From shopping spree’s and vacation dates to asking Camille’s hand in marriage. He spoils her with Love, Affection and Money. All things women love. Unbeknownst of his past and motives, Camille starts falling in love with him. Now her childhood best friend Calvin is back in the picture causing all of her true feelings that were suppressed to resurface, putting a strain on her current relationship. The day of her mother Carmela’s ‘Diamond Ball’ event for Brain aneurysm survivors, which is also New Year’s Eve, a series of events began happening back to back. Secrets are exposed, Camille gets brutally attacked and sent to the hospital. She then finds out some disturbing news that will change her life forever.Can you really trust the person you sleep with every night?Get you some wine for this sexy, romantic roller coaster ride Camille is going to take you on.‘This book is inspired by the author’s real life events.’

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